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Aubrey Plaza - Elizabeth Weinberg Photoshoot for Refinery29


American Football - Untitled #1 (The One With The Trumpet) [Boombox Practice Session, 1998] by Polyvinyl Records

Snapchat is a desert of shit


Fans have taken Brody’s do-anything attitude and run with it. Video artist Neil Cicierega made two much-remixed online videos—Brodyquest and Brodyquest 2—where the actor travels the world, becomes a rock star, and turns into the universe.

Adrien Brody has seen Brodyquest. His dad showed it to him. “I made it my ringtone at one point,” he said. “It’s hilarious.”

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Seu Jorge (Pele from The Life Aquatic) performs David Bowie’s “Changes” in Portuguese on-board the Belefonte. If you need to relax, I am not sure there’s a better choice.

(You can also find more of his Life Aquatic David Bowie cover performances on YouTube. They are all outstanding. Actually, just buy the album.)

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"Violence in the flowers where they found you
Can I wait the hours
Would it be untrue
Climb up to the tower
So that you can see
All across the hours”

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